Why a Pad?


Why Have a PAD?

  1. Self-determination: PAD operationalizes a person’s choices regarding treatment and services—a crisis plan with teeth.
  2. Good vehicle to discuss planning and recovery with family, friends and providers.
  3. Gives providers, who may not know you, information which will help them provide you with good care.
  4. Opportunity to authorize, in advance, who can receive/release medical information.
  5. Can incorporate arrangements for care of children, finances (including housing) and pets during a crisis.

Why is a PAD Important?

  1. Allow family/agents to speak directly with providers during crises.
  2. Allow family/agents to help make decisions during crises.
  3. Support patient autonomy and empowerment in behavioral health care.
  4. May reduce involuntary treatment.
  5. May improve continuity of care.
  6. Honoring PADs is a Condition of Participation in Medicaid and Medicare for treatment facilities!

PAD Supports Recovery

Advance directives support principles of recovery: person-driven; based on respect; and involving individual, family and community strengths and responsibilities.

(SAMHSA “10 Guiding Principles of Recovery”)

People who exercise greater self determination have a better quality of life: Better employment situations, less physical and sexual abuse, more successful community integration.

(Powers et al., 2012; Shogren, Wehmeyer, Palmer, Rifenbark, & Little, 2014; Wehmeyer and Schwartz, 1997; Wehmeyer & Palmer, 2003)

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