Option 1

Download PAD Form and Send to Your Provider/Agent

Step 1: Download a copy of the PAD Form to work with your support system and providers to ensure your wishes are respected and recorded correctly.

Step 2: Once you have gathered your answers, click here for fill out your Fillable PDF PAD Form, which will ensure your form is legible.

Step 3 : Download Your Form to get it signed and dated by two witnesses and/or your Agent (if you have assigned one).

Step 4 : Download, Print and Deliver to your Provider/Agent OR Download & Email to your Provider/Agent.

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Option 2

(Coming Soon)
Enter Your PAD Information Electronically and Store Securely

We encourage you to fill out your information electronically at the MTreatment (mTx) website where your information will be generated legibly and stored securely so that it is accessible to health care professionals across the state of Colorado.

After you click the link you’ll be asked create your client registration in the mTx portal. mTx is a HIPAA Compliant, secure and encrypted digital health portal to store and retrieve your health documents.

Storing your PAD at mTx allows us to send you a reminder to update your PAD form 6 months prior to expiration, as well as 30 days before it expires. 

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