Instructions Commonly in a PAD

  1. When to treat/hospitalize
    • For example: I authorize my agent to get me behavioral health help if I start to… if I start hearing voices telling me to hurt myself…
  2. Alternatives to hospitals
    • For example: I prefer to go to a crisis bed, not a hospital if I am feeling self-destructive.
  3. Knowledge of medication effects
    • For example: I will take this antipsychotic but have learned from past experience not to have a dosage over XYZ
  4. Adverse actions
    • For example: I do not want injections because I am afraid of shots but I am OK with pills.
  5. Trauma concerns
    • For example: Because of past trauma, I cannot be put into restraints. This would worsen my condition. Please do this instead…
  6. Setting treatment parameters for providers and agents
    • For example: I authorize my agent/provider to treat with the anti-psychotics they decide on, but if I start exhibiting the following side effects, I want the medication reduced or stopped. Could also list allergies to medication

CAVEAT: A PAD is not a wish list.
It does not give a person more rights or services than they are reasonably and otherwise entitled to as any other person.

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